MARTIN EMMERER (Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.) is architect and co-founder oft the architecture collective Hope of Glory. The new southern wing of the castle museum in Linz can be named one of his most important realized projects. His focus on drafting was always attended by a strong interest in computer science and programming, which led him to the development of architecture-specific softwaretools. In 2015 he received a doctor's degree in CAAD. His PhD thesis entitled Architektur Routine(n) figures out the potentials of a machinic evaluation of architectural design solutions. Martin Emmerer has been visiting lecturer and guest critic at Graz University of Technology.


Routine HoG architektur ZT GmbH
Routine Archilles Pro


GAM 10 Designer at the Mixing Console: New Intruments for the Architectural Form-Generation Process.

In: GAM 10: Intuition and the Machine, AMBRA Vienna 2014

DISSERTATION Architektur Routine(n) - Machinic Evaluation Of Architectural Design Solutions Based On A Formalized Building Specification.

PhD Thesis Martin Emmerer 2015

Reviewer: Urs Hirschberg (TU Graz), Ludger Hovestadt (ETH Z├╝rich)




1976 born in Graz, Austrian Nationality


2000 Foundation ERSCHEINUNGSBILD Visualization
2006 Foundation HoG architektur ZT GmbH
2006 - Lecturer, University of Technology Graz


1995 Matura (Modern Languages and Latin) Gymnasium Sacré Coeur Graz
1996 - 2006 Architecture Studies
2006 Architecture Diploma University of Technology Graz
2015 Dissertation, Doctor's degree, University of Technology Graz


2009 New Southern Wing - Castle Museum Linz
2012 Residential building 'Steinberg'
2013 Townhouse Ballhaus Graz
2014 Modification of the Franciscan monastery in Graz
2016 Apartment Building Waagner-Biro-Strasse Graz

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